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Outstanding digital marketing services in Sussex to grow your SME business

Your business always needs:

  • A flow of new leads and initial orders from first time customers.
  • Loyalty and repeat buying from existing customers
  • Regular, positive referencing and recommendations

What better way to address this problem than by engaging a digital marketing agency for small businesses?

Marketing is not a short-term event or response, it is an ongoing part of growing businesses. It is a department not a project!

That’s why marketing support packages from a digital marketing agency for small businesses are the ideal way to deliver the expertise and focus needed by many SMEs, where true marketing skill and free time to do it are in short supply!

Find out more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses services below.

digital marketing team for smaller businesses
"There have been some fantastic business results…we’ve got a really nice steady rolling rate of inquiry from domestic clients. It’s almost becoming a backbone to what we need each month.

It also means I can sleep at night a bit easier. It’s knowing that that’s in the background working away and I don’t have to worry about it." It’s made a huge difference to the business."
Adam Bateup SFR
Adam Bateup
Sussex Floor Restoration
Southern Enterprise Awards Most Impactful SME Marketing Agency
UK Search Awards finalist 2023

Want our digital marketing agency for small businesses to give you free advice on where you should be focusing your marketing investment?

Medium and Small Business Marketing Agency services in Sussex

Whether you need modern advertising through a digital marketing agency, or want more traditional print and design services, the small business marketing agency team at Growth by Design is able to help.

Marketing Packages

Flexible and appropriate, regular marketing support including direct marketing, email, social, content and more.

Google Ads

Want to use targeted search ads to reach your prospects? Ask about our paid media creation, management and reporting services.

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Email Marketing

Making your emails stand out and deliver through content creation and management using your preferred email platform.

Social Media & Content

Get the most out of your social networks and use your expertise and knowledge to generate and convert leads.

Not sure what marketing services you need?
We can guide you to ensure you make the right choices for you and your business!

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“It’s well worth the time as the value it there. It’s almost a little coaching session in its own right, and I’m grateful for that. Growth by Design easily understood what I was saying and my viewpoints. They were very clear and got me reoriented to what I should prioritise.”

A digital marketing agency for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises

Unlike some other digital marketing companies in the UK, we’ve listened to the needs and challenges of SMEs and created a unique framework for business owners to provide structure and direction to their marketing.

It is the most comprehensive and relevant approach available to SMEs and is represented through four key areas of marketing. Within those four areas, there are 10 marketing objectives.


Aim: Relevant messaging, professional presentation and reputation management

Related Marketing Objectives:

  1. Brand message clarity and positive perception

Primary Marketing

Aim: Generate leads, develop enquiries, secure first orders

Related Marketing Objectives:

2. Ensure findability, visibility and reach

3. Build a database to communicate with

4. Enable enquiries and nurture longer term prospects

5. Improve sales conversion rate

6. Maximise first sales values

Secondary Marketing​

Aim: Meet ongoing customer needs and manage the relationship for the long term.

Related Marketing Objectives:

7. Grow client lifetime value (LTV)

Tertiary Marketing

Aim: Enable the ‘Ripple Effect’ of referencing and storytelling from clients and others.

Related Marketing Objectives:

8. Capture evidence of client experience
9. Re-activate past clients and prospects
10. Develop and work with marketing alliances and introducers.

Watch this short video to see our marketing services in Sussex explained more fully

Our approach to marketing is based on a model designed by the Growth by Design directors (one of whom has been a marketer for 25 years, and the other who is an award winning business coach and author).

Having created the model for marketing SMEs, you really could not ask for a better specialist digital marketing agency for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises!

To learn more watch the short video!

To discuss your needs with one of our experts book a call below.

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A marketing strategy just for you!

Many marketing agencies offer pre-designed marketing packages, that they then try and ‘fit’ to the client. This often ends up being a case of ‘square peg and round hole’.

The best solutions are shaped to fit the client’s requirements, and at Growth by Design, our marketing programmes are based on a unique units based approach.

This allows for our clients to have access to a wide range of marketing support options that can be flexed each month to suit different requirements (e.g. to support a product launch or a seasonal situation).

Whether it is a digital marketing agency for small businesses, through to video or print – we can do it all for you and adapt the plan to meet your needs at any given time.

Our marketing services in Sussex are based upon creating bespoke programmes. They provide the right shape peg for the right hole!

Don’t know which to invest in for the best results? Get in touch today and we can advise.

A digital marketing agency for small businesses -
A Sussex-based team of experts at your fingertips

You may have regular marketing activity happening already but is it delivering the results you want?

It can be tempting to take on the marketing yourself or outsource to freelancers.

But unless you’ve the expertise to do it yourself, or the time to manage multiple specialist marketing freelancers, a digital marketing agency for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises is a better way to go.

Here at Growth by Design, you’ll have a dedicated account handler, committed to delivering on our Service Promise for you.

Your account handler will help manage your plan, and can organise access to the correct balance of support from the broaders team of marketing specialists.

This may include designers, developers, content creators, paid search specialists and more.

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Below you can see client experiences for each marketing support category:

Frequently asked questions...

Hiring a digital marketing agency like Growth by Design can be a game-changer for small businesses looking to thrive, amplify their brand presence, generate leads, and achieve sustainable growth.

It resolves the long-term challenge of generating quality leads into your business that you can rely on. Whether those leads be from new prospects, maintaining relationships with existing customers and/or proactively generates referrals and recommendations.

A digital marketing agency for small businesses brings expertise and knowledge of online marketing, which means strategies can be created and tailored specifically for small businesses, such as yours. 

A digital marketing agency for small businesses can effectively and efficiently target your ideal audience, maximise online visibility, and drive meaningful engagement that translates into tangible results.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency frees up  valuable time and resources for small business owners, allowing them to focus on core operations and strategy, while we handle the digital marketing. 

With continuous monitoring and optimisation, a digital marketing agency will ensure any marketing remains flexible and adaptable to changes, keeping your small business ahead of the competition.

Choosing a digital marketing agency for your small business has far-reaching benefits. For the sustainable growth and prosperity of your small business, it is important to see it as a strategic investment rather than an expense.

The value of targeted strategies that yield tangible results will help to ensure long-term success and growth for your small business. 

Staying up-to-date with the latest industry news is crucial for staying ahead. A digital marketing agency will make it a top priority to keep informed and knowledgeable about any updates that may affect your business. 

As a digital marketing agency, we will always ensure your business benefits from the latest trends and developments. A strategic investment in our services will help bring about significant growth for your business.

Unless you have the time and expertise to do this yourself, you risk missing out on these opportunities or your business suffering if you don't invest in a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency for small businesses, like Growth by Design, will offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses. 

At Growth by Design, our services encompass every aspect of online marketing, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, email marketing, content creation, website design, build and maintenance services, and more. 

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and develop bespoke strategies that drive results. Whether you're looking to increase your online visibility, attract more customers, or boost your sales, we have the expertise and experience to help your business succeed. 

When searching for a digital marketing agency for your small business nearby, start by exploring local directories and online platforms like Google Maps. 

Use keywords such as "digital marketing agency near me" or "Sussex digital marketing services" to narrow down your options. 

Additionally, consider asking for recommendations from fellow business owners in your community or networking with local industry associations. Search for a strong online presence that will have positive reviews and a portfolio that aligns with your business goals.

Additionally, take up the offers of complimentary reviews and attend events that they host. You'll receive a wealth of insight and get a true sense of what they are like as an agency at the same time, so you can find the right fit for you and your business. 

Look no further than Growth by Design! We're proud to serve small businesses in Sussex, with our tailored digital marketing solutions. 

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To achieve sustainable growth and success for your small business, it is well worth investing in the services of a digital marketing agency for small businesses!

Get in touch to find out more about how this digital marketing agency for small businesses, in West Sussex could change your business!