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Website maintenance packages for small and medium businesses

A neglected or declining website means a declining business

If you leave your website, essentially to run by itself, what happens?

  • Your search result rankings will drop.
  • As a result, you’ll get less traffic.
  • Your plugins and features will become outdated.
  • The site runs slower. 
  • Your conversion rate will drop.

Meaning your crucial marketing tool goes into decline.

Additionally, your competitors will be advancing by taking advantage of new content, new technical features, ongoing search engine optimisation, or simply picking up on the prospects you currently miss!

It can result in your business’ speedy decline.

If you don’t want your chief marketing tool to decline, you need to invest in website maintenance packages.

The risk of doing nothing with your website is real and significant!

Watch the short video below to see and hear the impact of doing nothing can have on your business’ bottom line!

Regular website maintenance services allow you to maximise the investment already made in your site, rather than risk having to redesign your website (again!) fundamentally.

Explore the lost opportunity cost in this short video by not investing in website maintenance packages.

‘From the perspective of buying a new car, you drive it away from the forecourt and it’s performing brilliantly, but it would be unrealistic and unreasonable to expect our car to continue to perform at the same standard if we didn’t bother to service it, we didn’t bother to put some air in the tyres, and we didn’t bother to change the oil from time to time. It’s the exact same thing with the website, when a website is designed and built and made live, no matter how well it’s done, overtime it will start to degrade as each day or week or month that goes past if it’s not continuously maintained.’ – Henry Laker, Managing Director

Don't let your webite put your business at risk!
Book a free 90-website review!

From this complimentary, no-obligation review, we will:

  • Review current website performance – what is working and what is not!
  • Establish your future goals for the website aligned to your business objectives
  • Provide bespoke recommendations of how to improve and advance
  • Explore what requirements you have from a new website.

From there you can decide which website maintenance packages are correct for you.

What is included in website maintenance packages that grow your business?

Avoid the business pain of missing out on enquiries and sales from an under-performing website with our website maintenance packages.

Here is what it could contain: 

  • Monitoring, reporting and responding to website metrics, e.g. page speeds, ranking changes, visitors to your site, conversion rates. Capturing these issues as early as possible is very cost-effective and provides an opportunity to advance.
  • Specialists in WordPress but can support and advice for other platforms too.
  • Hosting and server management for website uptime
  • Backups and updates of plugins/scripts for security
  • Dynamic content updates, e.g. case studies, imagery

We apply a maintenance or advancement programme to ensure website’s, and subsequently business, performance doesn’t slip backwards but progresses.

Find out more about how our website maintenance packages could advance your business

The difference website maintenance packages make to your business

There is a crucial security benefit here, ensuring your site is secure and running efficiently. Sounds straightforward, but when it stops or isn’t there, you and your business know about it!

The performance of your website impacts the exposure of your business to customers online, which affects the level of enquiries, turnover, and profit for your business.

Unfortunately, business owners either do not know how or don’t review their website’s performance to the depth needed in many instances. Even if they spot the problem, they will need help from a specialist to address the concern.

That’s the difference our packages make - peace of mind, specialist support, security and business growth.

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Hear the results of Growth by Design website maintenance packages made to these businesses

Uncover your business’ missed opportunities and how to remedy them with our free 90-min website review