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Specialist marketing support in Sussex for your SME

When it comes to growing your company, getting the right marketing support in place is critical. One of the challenges in doing so is caused by the huge range of different marketing channels, media, and tactics required to reach all different audiences and their preferences. Simply put, this isn’t normally a one person job, as it requires so many different skill-sets! Here is a list of the most commonly needed by business owners.
  • Strategic planner
  • Website designer
  • Website developer
  • Copywriter
  • Digital marketer
    • Paid advertising
    • Social media
    • Video marketing
  • Graphic designer

This range of requirements almost always goes well beyond the true capabilities of one individual, even if they are pretty good and have years of experience. Marketing is an industry sector, not an individual!
"It’s nice to know there are companies out there who can actually do an extremely good job. Quite exceptional!

Things are really starting to come together which is brilliant and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You are starting to realise my dream for me!"
Barry Webb Mortgage Saving Experts
Barry Webb
Mortgage Saving Experts
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4 proven strategies that will generate you qualified leads to your business
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You may be tempted to jump straight to marketing tactics to increase the number of quality leads to your business.

By doing so you risk wasting your efforts and resources.

It’s better to take a step back and look at the different strategies available to you (new customers, existing customers, introducers, referrers and more), your objectives and then you can confidently select tactics which will deliver the highest return on investment.

Now this is a guide you will be wanting to read! Enter your details in the form below and you’ll be emailed a copy straight away with insight, advice and a framework as to how to improve your lead generation.

4 strategies for generating more leads to your business

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Why use a marketing agency in Brighton and Sussex for your business?

The challenge described above is why many business owners choose to work with an agency rather than a set of individuals. Here are 6 key benefits in doing so:

Time efficient

Managing one agency is less time consuming and complicated than managing a multitude of different freelancers or individual creatives.

Consistent and coordinated

There is much less chance of misalignment or conflicting views when you work with an agency, and an account manager who can act as a central contact point.

Quality control

There is a quality control built into an agency.

Not hunting for a unicorn!

Finding individuals with the full breadth of skills and agency can offer is a bit like hunting a unicorn…it takes ages and is highly unlikely to happen!

Service promise

Agencies have their own management team, who supervise their team and help to ensure you always get great service.

No HR requirements on you

You don’t have to manage the training, upskilling, holidays or other employment headaches associated with in house staff!

How our SME marketing support works for our clients in Sussex and further afield

SME marketing is more different to corporate business marketing than most appreciate. At Growth by Design we only work with SMEs and have built support services specifically to meet the true needs of small and medium companies.

As a broad-service marketing agency we can provide a wide range of solutions and skills and have categorised four main sections to make it easy for you to find what you need:

Whichever service you need help with, our team has the skill to help you. We have specialists in all four areas, with many years of experience to draw upon.

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Marketing agency services for Brighton, Sussex and SMEs further afield

Whether you need modern advertising through a digital marketing agency, or want more traditional print and design services, the team at Growth by Design is able to help.

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Marketing packages

Marketing packages

Flexible and appropriate, regular marketing support including direct marketing, email, social, content and more.
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Websites & SEO

Websites & SEO

Need your website to be great-looking, easy to find and use and effective? You’ll be needing our design and maintenance skills!
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Design & Print

Design & Print

Want to build your brand reputation? We can provide logos, brochures, banners, stationary and more!
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Google Ads

Google Ads

Want to use targeted search ads to reach your prospects? Ask about our paid media creation, management and reporting services.
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three people connected symbolising social media marketing support services

Social Media & Content

Social Media & Content

Get the most out of your social networks and use your expertise and knowledge to generate and convert leads.
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Video Production

Video Production

Make use of the best communication media without the price-tag. Our team can take ideas from conception right through to production and distribution.
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The Common 10 - marketing services in Sussex

Our unique marketing model (The Common 10) has been developed by the Directors to provide a marketing planning framework for business owners who are not marketing experts themselves. We find that sharing our model with you openly and teaching you how it works, creates a difference in working with ourselves versus other agencies.

We are able to support you with either individual projects or provide you with a full range, longer-term outsourced marketing department.

Just let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll aim to get it covered!

Below you can see client experiences for each marketing support category:

If you want marketing services from a Sussex-based agency, look no further and get in touch today