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Google Analytics 4 setup
for your SME business

Important: Don’t leave yourself lost at sea by losing your website’s performance data

On 1st July 2023, your current Google Analytics profile (called your Universal Analytics Property or UA) will stop collecting data

That means no more customer journey data. 

From how many people visit your website, how long they stay on site, what pages they visit, the number of conversions on site or form fills, and a lot more important and strategically useful information!

You will now need to set up and use Google’s new tool if you want that valuable information about your website and not leave yourself lost at sea! Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of this vital insights tool, and it’s available now.

Why will you want experts to setup your
Google Analytics 4 property?

Whilst there is an automated setup wizard provided by Google to get you started, it is just a start, and by no means a full or perfect arrangement. Getting experts to set up your accounts will give you the following important benefits:  

Let our experts set up Google Analytics 4 for you!

From just  £594+ VAT our technical team can setup GA4 for you, exactly how your business needs it done.
Here’s how it works:

Stage 1: Discussion on what you need and why

A consultation with you on what you currently use and have setup in Universal Analytics, and what business information will be most helpful to you from here on.

Stage 2: Get your GA4 setup done right

Our team will create a Google Analytics account for you (if one doesn’t already exist), and then add the enhanced measurements, add internal traffic filters and enable Google signals i.e. ensuring it all works and is setup as you need it to be.

Stage 3: Add in Google Tag Manager

We will create a Google Tag Manager account (if one doesn’t already exist), and then add in the standard events add additional events, marking which events are conversions and assigning a value, and any other tracking codes.

Stage 4: Make your Cookie & Privacy Policy legally compliant

The next step is where we will install Complianz and update the policies to reflect the Google Tag Manager settings, create a Cookie Policy and add the cookie list to Privacy Policy. This part is really important as it keeps you legally compliant.

Stage 5: Provide you with relevant training

We will then deliver some key training for you and your team so that you are able to read GA4 reports, identify the most important metrics and learn how to decipher the actions to take as a result.

Stage 6: Enable the right reporting

We’ll help your get a suitable Data Studio dashboard set up and ensure that automated updates are enabled. We will also explain how the relationship works between your previous universal analytics property and the new GA4 one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note the investment level required for this service will increase where there are a higher number or greater complexity of events required.

Start getting your Google Analytics 4 account setup today by calling us!

What you need to know about Google Analytics 4 for your
small or medium-sized business

What is Google Analytics 4?

With the current system going soon, Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is its replacement. 

The world of website marketing has changed a lot since UA (Universal Analytics) launched, and several much-needed updates have been made to the system. It now:

  • Collects both website and app data allowing you track cross platforms 
  • Uses events instead of session-based data for greater accuracy 
  • Is prepared for and manages the increasing privacy of user’s data
  • Provides predictive modelling and machine learning

Read our GA4 blog for more information. 

How to setup Google Analytics 4

Whilst there is a GA4 setup wizard to get you started, it doesn’t automatically address the following very important aspects of effective setup:

  • Copy across any of your existing events or KPIs from your current account
  • Setup any of the new and improved tracking features
  • Create reports for quick and insightful management data
  • Update your policies or Tag Manager to keep you compliant!

You need to work with experts to have confidence in your data!

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Do you have to migrate to GA4?

Yes you do, otherwise you will lose all future website performance data. Your website should be your hardest working salesperson, and you wouldn’t just be leaving them unmonitored, and the same goes for your website.

However ,with our setup package, it is affordable, easy to do, quick and takes the weight off your shoulders, as well as providing lots of long-term benefits around new data and training to be able to understand the new system.

Speak to us today to get your migration to Google Analytics 4 started!