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WordPress designer and developers for your new website

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have

There are 1.5 billion websites in existence, and 200 million are active. That’s a lot of competition for ten spaces on the first page of Google. It isn’t a job for amateurs! That’s why you need a WordPress designer – or a team of them!

Getting the website that your business deserves requires a combination of compliant and robust site design, coupled with solid search engine optimisation, quality and relevant content, and a website design that drives action and conversions.

Southern Enterprise Awards Most Impactful SME Marketing Agency
"Working with Growth by Design from the outset has been a successful relationship because they’ve listened to our needs. They have made [the website] intuitive, they’ve made the website easy to navigate, it’s designed very well...responding to our needs often at a short notice and we’re very appreciative of that."
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A marketing agency team is the most effective
solution for delivering your website

The four experts you need in order to nail your website are:

  • A great WordPress designer
  • An SEO specialist
  • A strong graphic designer
  • An effective sales copywriter

This is why in most cases, a standalone WordPress designer isn’t enough. It’s simply a case of not having the FULL set of expert skills that brilliantly address all the required elements.

Using a specialist small business website design and development agency with a skilled WordPress designer is the best option for you and your business.

Your website is such a vital, core aspect of your marketing success that cutting corners means cutting off results too.

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WordPress designer and developer services

We specialise in small business website design and development, covering all industries and a vast array of requirements from accountants, trades such as plumbers, electricians and building contractors to financial companies requiring a high level of technical information and bespoke functionality. We can build simple brochure sites, as well as more complex sites. We have experience in eCommerce website design and can also help develop sites for international markets.

The vast majority of sites we build are within WordPress, although we do have the knowledge and experience working within different systems. All of our sites are made to be mobile responsive. So if you are looking for a WordPress designer skilled in website design in Sussex, we are your team!

You’ll be sure to get a team of professional WordPress designers, WordPress website developers, SEO specialists, sales copywriters and graphic designers working on your new website. That’s the benefit of having a specialist Sussex-based agency delivering for you!

Book a free 90-minute website review!

From this complimentary, no-obligation review, we will:

  • Review current website performance – what is working and what is not!
  • Establish your future goals for the website aligned to your business objectives
  • Provide bespoke recommendations of how to improve and advance
  • Explore what requirements you have from a new website.

Website design and development stages

Stage 1: Discovery

You confirm the goals and ambitions for the new website, what it needs to deliver for the business, alongside research into your target market and competitors.

Stage 2: Design & Development

Developing the look and feel and the functionality required. It isn’t just about the design but also how it works for your audience. There is a lot of behind the scenes technical work to ensure the site performs quickly and as intended, including across devices and screen sizes.

Stage 3: Testing

Your site needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure everything is working as intended and that the user experience meets your customers' needs. It isn’t as simple as whether all the links are working or not!

Stage 4: Training & Launching

You must know how to manage and maintain your website moving forward. Websites and the world of marketing are not static, so we will ensure you are trained to the level you need to manage the site. If you want us to continue maintaining and advancing your site (and business!), we can do that too.

Book a free website review with us today and learn how to improve your website and business.

What your great new website will deliver for your business

A good website should fulfil many marketing functions and be a powerhouse for growing your business.

  • Brand reputation enhancement
  • Greater online visibility
  • More relevant traffic to your website
  • More leads/enquiries from your target market
  • Provide increased insight into your target market
  • Greater likelihood of referrals and online referencing/reviews.

What more could you ask for from website designers in West Sussex!

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