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The phrase ‘I’ll google it’ is ubiquitous these days. As a result, your business simply has to be findable and visible to prospective customers in Google’s search results. Paid Google advertising is a pretty sure fire way of making that happen!

Paid search ads are listed at the top of the search results and offer enhanced features, such as sitelinks to priority pages on your site, call-outs and location extensions and customer review/star ratings, all of which help you stand out from the crowd.

Use a Google Ads marketing agency to setup and run it for you so you get the best return from your investment!

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Ashley Fabian
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Why are Google Ads particularly good for small businesses?

So if you want your business and services to be seen by prospects online, working with a Google Ads marketing agency must be a serious consideration for you.

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What a Google Ads marketing agency
can do for you

It may sound straightforward but as with most things in life, expertise matters.

The two most common issues businesses have with any existing Google ads activity are:

  • Rising costs to remain visible in the search results, without an additional uplift in conversions/sales
  • Generating clicks but not the subsequent conversions/sales.

Both of which are damaging to your business!

Growth by Design is here to help any SME business owner facing these challenges.

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Our Google Ads marketing agency service will drive your business forward!

Strategy development

Without a strategy and plan in place, it’s easy to spend money without really understanding what has performed best, and what to do more, or less of, in the future.

Tracking setup

it’s important to have the tracking set up correctly on your site and in Google’s Campaign Manager to be able to accurately report on performance.

Landing page/website conversion

Google Ads aren’t just about the ad, but also where you steer the prospect to after they click. If the page has poor quality content and design, you’ll be having to pay Google more to show your ad, in addition to the wasted spend of those clicks not converting on your website!


There are a lot of options, so you have to really know your audience, be specific and set up the targeting correctly in Google’s Campaign Manager.

Keyword management

Don’t let a high volume keyword lure you away from the less competitive but the same meaning/intent keyword. Careful selection of the keywords and having them in the right type of campaigns is critical to managing your cost per click budgets and maximising the return from your ad spend.

Ad copy testing

Your ad copy is your sales pitch, so it’s important to test and change to get the best click through rate to your website.

Account management & reporting

Regular checks, optimisations, budget controls and reporting are vital to staying on top of an ever changing customer landscape.

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