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SME Marketing Guides – Resources

Marketing is a headache for many SME business owners that won't go away...

...but we have the cure: our knowledge, expertise, and resources!

Many business owners of SMEs find that consistently drawing in clients and orders in the volume and quality they want is both stressful and an ongoing problem, whether that be due a lack of skills or experience in marketing, a lack of time to do the marketing, or a lack of considered investment (budget).

We’ve built our agency to be the solution to this problem for SME business owners. but we don’t want to keep it to ourselves!

That is why we’ve created resources and guides to educate business owners on marketing.

Taking you from marketing average to marketing great!

Our aim isn’t to make you into a marketer. As a business owner, you’ve other and more valuable ways of spending your time on your business.

But you need to know enough, and be confident with it, to ensure you strategically identify gaps, opportunities, and the potential for your business. That way you can plan better for your business, set the right targets and goals, secure the right agency partners, and hold them to account for results too!

Below are a range of downloadable guides to help you do just that. Happy reading and if you want to discuss anything, feel free to get in touch.

5 ways to rank your website higher
in Google

GbD Downloads brochure - 5 Ways to rank higher in Google

4 strategies for generating more leads for your business

UK Search Awards finalist 2023
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"I can sleep at night a bit easier. It’s knowing that the marketing is in the background working away and I don’t have to worry about it."

5 common website mistakes - and how to fix them!

Common website mistake guide by Growth by Design

5 Steps to Success - Get better results from your PPC campaigns

GBD PPC download guide

Business owner education seminars

If you enjoy reading the marketing guides and want to learn more, or prefer to hear the learning in person, then why not book yourself a place on one of our business owner education seminars?

We partner with businesses across Sussex to bring vital education, guidance, support, and advice to SMEs from business strategy, and marketing to accountancy, IT, HR, CRMs and more.

With multiple dates and locations to chose from, there is sure to be one that fits your busy diary.

“I find these are a great opportunity to listen to the various speakers on different topics with a wide source of information. They provide enthusiasm and confidence to make changes and decisions within the company. Always leave very motivated!”

Catherine Nuttal – Nutra Plumbing & Heating

marketing guide - Business Booster seminar photo

Marketing guides and support just for small and medium-sized businesses

There are a lot of marketing guides and free guidance online. So why have we added to it? 

Most of the information available is geared towards larger corporates, so they don’t reflect the realities, priorities, and challenges SMEs face in the real-world.

In addition, our marketing guides are not aimed at making you an ace marketer personally. Do you have the time and inclination to be one? Most business owners will answer no that question! Amateur efforts with your marketing will yield amateur results, we are afraid to tell you! 

These marketing guides use our unique SME-specialist marketing model, The Common 10, as the framework and then explores the strategies and tactics to meet those objectives – showing you what it looks like in action. We remove the jargon so you can learn and understand. The more knowledge and confidence you have with your marketing, the better decisions you can make as a business owner.

Let us take you from marketing average to marketing great – and enable your business success as a result!

How our approach has delivered real business results for clients...