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Video brochure production

What is a video brochure?

Most people haven’t seen a video brochure before. It isn’t because it’s not incredibly effective – but because it’s previously been out of reach for smaller businesses due to production costs. Growth by Design’s mission is to give SMEs the best possible marketing services which deliver a return on investment, so we are bringing video brochures to you!

They look like a brochure. But inside is a video screen. It can contain whatever messages you want and your audience needs/want to hear. All delivered through the most powerful marketing medium there is – video.

Why use a video brochure over an ordinary brochure

Viewers can remember 95% of a video message instead of just 10% from reading text. Hubspot also stated that 80% of customers could recall a video they viewed in the past month.

Great marketing shows the value and expertise of your business, and video brochures are effective tools to get your message across differently from the competition.

man and woman interview filmed for video brochure

How does it work?

Besides excellent video production skills, to pull this off takes an agency’s skillset:


As with standard brochure production (link), the content needs to be storyboarded, grouped, key messages identified and the overall flow of the brochure planned out.

Video production

Based on the plan, the necessary videos need to be produced, from testimonials, explainer videos, interviews and animation.

Print design and production

The video may be the critical feature, but there is still the need for an attractive, eye-catching brochure cover design needed.

Rather have a printed brochure over a video brochure?
We can help with that too!