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Outstanding business presentation folder design

Presentation folder design does a lot more than just hold your documents!

Lots of businesses use branded presentation folders to deliver important documents to prospects, clients and delegates, but most don’t take full advantage of the potential of these powerful marketing tools!

Presentation folders are versatile tools that can do a great job in communicating your professional approach and attention to detail, and can help your proposals, information packs and other materials receive the attention they deserve.

Let our expert team guide you on the most effective design and print options for your presentation folders

Using your brand (logo, brand guidelines, mission statement, branded imagery etc) we will design a bespoke presentation folder, just for your business. 

Together, we’ll discuss the key messages and prompt questions you need included, as well as exploring how to get your prospect feel and thinking the right things about your business.

We’ll consider the use of space, the flow of the information, and the separation and sequencing of key themes throughout the document. These all happen alongside the normal considerations for pocket folder space for the materials to be packaged inside and more.

Our team can provide you with a range of formats, including standard A4 presentation folders, or A3 and A5 presentation folders if preferred, with lots of print options such as embossed presentation folders which is a popular choice.

As with all things in marketing, there are presentation folders,
and there are presentation folders!

An average presentation folder:

  • Looks ok
  • Carries basic information only
  • Lacks visual engagement
  • Does a basic job of holding documents together

A wow presentation folder design can do so much more…

  • Present brand aligned communications that effectively get across the company’s values
  • Use positive imagery to tell a story (a picture paints a thousand words!)
  • Ask relevant, emotive questions to prompt upsells, cross-sells and more.
  • Deliver well-framed reassurance messages to overcome potential objections
  • Provide contact details with positive messaging that drives a target follow up action.

…and that makes them a remote part of your sales team!

Want a quality presentation folder design and print?

Use a professionally designed presentation folder to improve your sales conversion!

Have a look at the three different scenarios below, and have a think about which is going to deliver the best results for your business…


Receive a quote digitally

Email pings. Prospect opens the email. Colleague walks in or phone rings.

Client gets distracted, and closes email to complete another task. Client forgets about email until you follow up (or if you don’t they never look at it again!)

If you do follow up, they might then give the proposal a cursory glance whilst trying not to feel embarrassed about having forgotten to do so until now, and end up saying no as they didn’t actually read or absorb the value proposition fully.

We’ve all done it, so we know it happens a lot!


Receive a quote digitally and prospect prints it off themselves

The client receives the information, and decides they need to print a copy off (to give to a colleague or use as a reference for themselves or others at a director/manager meeting).

The printer they use to do this is poor quality and the resulting document looks amateur as a result. This is the first impression that the key decision-maker gets of your business, a scrappy print job on naff paper.



Receive a printed and digital quote

You send them an email version, but back it up with a professional printed version delivered by post. 

The cover note suggests they review the proposal or information whilst having a coffee, and that you’ve included a second copy of key information for any other decision-makers they have in the business.

This is all printed beautifully and presented in a high-quality presentation folder that also communicates powerful reassurance, evidence and value points. 

The client is impressed by the quality and professionalism of your marketing materials, and feel this separates you from the other potential suppliers.

Has to be number 3 surely?

To find out more about how to design a presentation folder that delivers real business results, read our article for our tips and advice. 

Below are some examples from our portfolio of presentation folders.

If you want more sales, talk to us about presentation folders