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Sumners Ponds

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Social media for small businesses is one of those things that either sits on the to do list forever or is something that owners feel should be delivering more for them in terms of tangible business results. Alongside their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and emails, this was precisely how Sumners Ponds were feeling.

A fishery and campsite near Horsham, situated in 100 acres of lakes, woodland and pasture, they offer everything from safari tents, camping, caravan pitches, shepherd huts to lodges, across 5 camping areas. With 5 fishing lakes, a secure dog meadow, a cafe and countless pathways, it is a beautiful holiday location. 

With the business goal of securing more bookings for the site, Sumners Ponds knew they needed to invest in their marketing in order to grow their business. This led them to commissioning Growth by Design to deliver outsourced marketing support for their social media, emails and SEO – all of which were new aspects to them.

What we did

Creating a successful marketing strategy was underpinned by a detailed understanding of their audience, and how that differs by accommodation and use of the facilities. The targeting is to both previous customers in order to encourage repeat (and regular) bookings as well as new customers. The former is so often overlooked by small and medium-sized businesses but is a valuable audience when the marketing is completed diligently..

The marketing strategy then relies on three main tactics: emails, SEO, and social media for small business growth.

We have created multiple email lists so that each audience can receive different messages relevant to them. These keep the existing customer base engaged and aware of new developments (e.g. new accommodation and facilities) and can be subscribed to by prospective customers via the website.

In recent months, two data exchange opportunities have also been created in order to entice new prospective customers onto the email lists

Two downloadable assets have been created which can be accessed in exchange for the person’s email address. Both assets are valuable, useful and well-designed, focusing on the needs and questions of prospects: what to expect at Sumners Ponds and ideas for things to do in winter.

The social media for small business approach comprises managing their social media accounts: organic posts on Facebook and Instagram, and periodic paid Facebook Ad. 

Using lifestyle and experiential imagery and messaging, the posts create an accurate picture of Sumners Ponds, the variety of accommodation and facilities, in addition to competitions and news. 

The most recent social media for small business campaign, using Facebook Ads, have been specifically aimed at drawing new customers through to the website, and more details on how successful that was below! Social media for small business will deliver meaningful results when you’ve experts creating and delivering on the strategy for you.

The final element is the SEO strategy. Through extensive keyword research, derived from a deep understanding of the multiple target audiences, frequent and regular blogs are created that answer people’s questions and provide useful information, therefore enabling the website to rank well in the search results for competitive and high-volume keywords. 

Camping and lodge countryside holidays is a competitive marketplace and being visible in the search results is fundamental to business success.

Results & Impact for the client

Social media for small businesses has the potential to be about vanity metrics alone, but not at Growth by Design!

Sumners Ponds have a good engagement rate with their social posts, with an average of 50 engagements per post, including comments from previous customers. 

This matters because it means Sumners Ponds has built a reputation among its target audience which prospects can see. Sumners Ponds keep front of mind and relevant to their target market throughout the year, so when the time is right to make a booking – that booking comes to Sumners Ponds and not a competitor!

The reach of the Facebook page has increased by 26%, and Instagram by 30% within the last 30 days alone.

That engagement and reach has translated into website visits. For example, the April 2023 Facebook Ad generated 499 new users through to the website within 28 days of going live.

On the SEO front, we have 60 keywords ranking on the first page, including securing all of the brand-related terms for maximum visibility and keywords such as “fishing lodges with private swim” (search volume of 1,900 per month) and “lakeside fishing lodge” (search volume of 1,000).

All of this engagement, visibility, and traffic has converted into bookings which are continuing to create momentum for growth. 

Comparing January to May bookings for 2023 versus the previous year, revenue is up 12% already before we hit peak season.

If we compare the number of bookings from before Sumners Ponds started working with us versus 2023 (January – March), the actual number of bookings are up by 15%.

From no to little marketing, Sumners Ponds have seen business growth in terms of volume and revenue, and have been able to invest in their business from new accommodation to revamping facilities.

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