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Worksmart – Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click PPC) Advertising


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The Brief

Worksmart are a technology company providing compliance software solutions to the banking and insurance sector, across the world.

Their internal team had been running their Google small business Ads, otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It soon became apparent that the team lacked the time, and expertise in Google paid advertising, to manage them effectively. Therefore Worksmart were not getting the best outcomes from their investment.

Although they could see that there ought to be meaningful business benefits from this type of marketing activity, they were struggling to realise that potential using their internal teams alone to deliver their Google small business Ads.

Therefore, they did not want to abandon the marketing activity, but rather partner with an outsourced marketing team who had the expertise to manage and deliver the business goals. Crucially, they wanted a partner to work with the in-house team, providing additional skills, education and ultimately create a connected strategy.

This is where Growth by Design stepped in!

What we did

The approach taken with Worksmart’s Google small business Ads was one of gradual refinement, review, and learning, before scaling the activity.

Steady incremental improvements, coupled with regular communication and reporting so that Worksmart were fully aware of the work being undertaken and the return it was generating, led to an increase in enquiries and a declining cost per enquiry.

The process we went through to improve the campaign was as follows:

  • A/B testing of ad copy – different ad copy was shown to different users in order to see which one got the most clicks and conversions
  • Regular review of Google Ad’s own recommendations and trending topics
  • Keeping up to date with Google small business Ad changes to take advantage of new features
  • Individual keyword analysis
  • Adding in location qualifiers
  • Position tracking
  • Using sources besides Google’s own recommendations to assess competition, bids, and new keyword opportunities
  • Dedicated landing pages were created and refined to improve the quality scores of the ads, and increase conversion rates.


It is a core part of our service promise to clients that we will communicate, in human language, and get them motivated and excited about their results. This has certainly been the case for Worksmart!

Due to regular, clear, and meaningful reporting, the business could quickly see the progress being made with the Google Ads campaign, and the return on their investment. This made them confident and comfortable to increase their investment in Google small business Ads.

This led to a second campaign being launched in relation to a product specific to the Singapore market, which on its own has doubled the number of enquiries generated, but more on the results below!

Results & Impact for the client

Over the course of two years, the average cost per click (CPC) has decreased by 83%. Driving down costs is one good thing, but you still need the quality enquiries and leads coming in, which we’ve done as well!

A massive increase in conversions by over 1,000%, when same period in 2020 with 2022 are compared.

Although 2020 wasn’t a typical year for many businesses, the same trend in positive performance can be seen from 2019 when the campaign was being run in-house.

Besides the reliably steady and cost-effective flow of quality leads coming into the business, the business’ confidence in Google Ads grew. This meant when they launched a new product into the Singapore market, a new PPC campaign was created to support the launch.  The overall launch has been hugely successful and profitable, of which the PPC campaign formed a critical part of the marketing.

More enquiries, at a lower cost and the successful launch of a new product into a new market, all from the diligent, and conscientious management of Worksmart’s Google Ads!

Are you running Google small business Ads but not achieving the results you want? Contact us today on 01444 810530!



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