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Mortgage Saving Experts

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Are you finding that, despite your business offering a quality or superior service to your competitors, your competitors are more visible online, have greater market awareness and are growing quicker than you?

This is the challenge Mortgage Saving Experts have, and why they sought out Sussex digital marketing agency, Growth by Design, to be their outsourced marketing team.

Run by a husband and wife team, with over 20 years of experience and being one of the first female mortgage brokers, they are committed to their network of brokers always having their clients’ best interests at heart. Finding the right product for their clients, which enables them to get their first home, their dream home or reduce outgoings. 

Monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as part of the Equity Release Council, Mortgage Saving Experts pride themselves on their quality service and integrity.

The mortgage broker marketplace is also fiercely competitive and crowded so being able to effectively communicate key points of difference matter.

Seeking a full-service Sussex digital marketing agency, Mortgage Saving Experts selected to work with us to deliver on their objectives of:

  • Raising awareness of the brand
  • Building their reputation
  • Establishing connections with potential introducers
  • Generating quality leads.


On the lead generation objective, these leads were to come from a combination of building up a network of introducers (such as estate agents, financial advisors etc) and the general public.

What we did

As with every one of our Sussex digital marketing agency retained clients, there was an extensive onboarding process

This process ensures we learn as much about our client’s business as possible, so we can make the best decisions for their marketing and create the most effective marketing communications. 

In return, the client fully understands their marketing strategy with us, has full knowledge of which tactics are taking place, why and what they will deliver.

A fundamental first step was to define their target markets and create audience personas – what sources of information influence them, what their motivations, wishes and concerns are, among other things. 

Together we defined four target audiences and in particular drilled down to which marketing platforms would be best for us, as a Sussex digital marketing agency, to focus on. 

For first-time buyers, we are creating TikTok posts and running Google Ads. Through profiling first-time buyers, we know this is where this audience goes for information. We are producing informative short-form videos that match the questions they are asking, on the most relevant social media platform for them. 

The new Tiktok verified business status which we’ve secured for Mortgage Saving Experts means that we’ve got access to additional insight into the business performance of the posts. This ensures performance is measured on meaningful results, not vanity metrics!

Google Ads targets keywords that focus on the questions and concerns first-time buyers have, in addition to qualifiers to ensure they are in the right market. With over 100 keywords and ad copy testing, within three short months, there is now a steady and increasing flow of relevant leads coming in via this activity.

Additional activities, such as optimising and posting content to the Google Business Profile, regular emails to the database and SEO-optimised blogs which are driven by news in the sector, all put the foundations in place for a rounded and connected digital marketing strategy.

To grow the introducer lead source, the initial focus has been on growing the following of the LinkedIn business page. By working closely with the client on the content, we’ve focused our efforts on identifying and inviting relevant people to follow the page such as financial advisors, those associated with banks et al. 

As their retained Sussex digital marketing agency, we are able to adapt and adjust plans based on the client’s changing priorities, needs, and results. So plans are now underway for establishing communications to target the equity release market. There are a number of barriers and concerns prospective customers have around equity release, but as members of the Equity Release Council (which provides a third-party guarantee), Mortgage Saving Experts are in a prime position to undertake proactive marketing in this area.

Results & Impact for the client

“I am so happy with it so far. It’s nice to know there are companies out there who can actually do an extremely good job. Quite exceptional! 

Things are really starting to come together which is brilliant and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You are starting to realise my dream for me.”

Barry Webb, Mortgage Saving Experts

What has driven Barry to give such high praise of his chosen Sussex digital marketing agency, Growth by Design?

Not only has a lot of ground been covered in just the first few months we’ve been working together: putting all of the processes, foundations and basics in place – that are already paying off in terms of awareness and lead generation.

In addition, there are some great early results from the activity.

  • The views on the TikTok posts is growing, with one already achieving nearly 800 views. Plans for even greater short-videos are already underway!
  • The Google Ads have generated 45 leads in just over a month, which have been both cost-effective and of good quality.
  • The LinkedIn page has 300 additional followers, all with the potential to become introducers and raise awareness of Mortgage Saving Experts.
  • In the past 30 days, the Google Business Profile has generated 6 calls and 48 clicks alone, from effectively nothing before we optimised it.

Want a Sussex digital marketing agency to take on your marketing and make your dream for your business a reality? Call us today on 01444 810530.

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