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Marketing consultant in East and West Sussex

Why your SME will benefit from working with a marketing consultant in West & East Sussex

You are great at what you do in your industry, but you probably haven’t been trained in the marketing of a company. This is where a marketing consultant West Sussex will make the world of difference!

Whilst it may be tempting to do it yourself because it keeps the expenses down, the true cost is in the missed opportunity, and in the lack of results that self-done marketing often delivers.

Would you trust an amateur dentist or pilot? Whilst they might be cheap or even free, the results would likely be painful.

The same is true if you apply amateur skills to your business marketing. 

Amateur skills equals amateur results; and the results we are talking about here are the ones that actually drive the client base, order volume and turnover of your business.

Marketing is the heart of your business. It is vital that it is looked after properly, and kept in tip top health! 

Southern Enterprise Awards Most Impactful SME Marketing Agency
"The staff are great and answer any questions you may have, and speak to you in-depth about what you want out of their service and the final result.
It’s like having a few employees doing all the work behind the scenes. Perfect service and would recommend you and your company every time, for anyone looking for help with their marketing, social media, websites, google and much more, you will not be disappointed in choosing Growth By Design."
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Helen Moss

Looking for a marketing consultant West Sussex or East Sussex to progress your business?

What difference our marketing consultancy will make to your business results

Using our approach and consultancy to shape your marketing strategy whether you are in West Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton or further afield, will give you the best chance to achieve the following:

Why Growth by Design as you marketing consultant
West Sussex and East Sussex

Marketing is such an important part of business success, a marketing consultant is vital for guiding you through the strategic decisions that need to be made.

They can help you prioritise, establish what a good return on your marketing investment looks like, and ensure that the marketing contributes as it should to business performance.

Here at Growth by Design, we’ve build a model that is more affordable for SMEs than many of the more corporate focused agencies.

Looking for a marketing consultant West Sussex or East Sussex - get in touch today and see how we can help your business grow!

What can will do to help your business perform better and grow

We pride ourselves on helping you develop a more strategic approach to your marketing, and in helping you understand how to balance the priorities in your small/medium business.

Acting as the marketing partner to your business we not only transform your business results but also aim to boost your confidence with marketing.

Our team of marketing consultants cover West Sussex, East Sussex and further afield, share the benefit of years of experience in marketing AND business strategy for small and medium-sized businesses.

From working with hundreds of businesses, we have identified 10 common marketing objectives, and created a unique strategic marketing framework specifically for SMEs. This model has two main aims; to give them direction and ensure results!

This is why we truly believe that our consultancy is more comprehensive and relevant for you than anything else available elsewhere.

The marketing framework (from our book "Growing by Design”) is outlined below:


Aim: Relevant messaging, professional presentation and reputation management

Related Marketing Objectives:

  1. Brand message clarity and positive perception

Primary Marketing

Aim: Generate leads, develop enquiries, secure first orders

Related Marketing Objectives:

2. Ensure findability, visibility and reach

3. Build a database to communicate with

4. Enable enquiries and nurture longer term prospects

5. Improve sales conversion rate

6. Maximise first sales values

Secondary Marketing

Aim: Meet ongoing customer needs and manage the relationship for the long term.

Related Marketing Objectives:

7. Grow client lifetime value (LTV)

Tertiary Marketing

Aim: Enable the ‘Ripple Effect’ of referencing and storytelling from clients and others.

Related Marketing Objectives:

8. Capture evidence of client experience
9. Re-activate past clients and prospects
10. Develop and work with marketing alliances and introducers.

Watch this short video to see how our marketing model comes together…

Our approach to marketing is based on a model designed by the Growth by Design directors (one of whom has been a marketer for 25 years, and the other who is an award winning business coach and author)

To learn more watch the short video! You can’t do much better than us if you want a marketing consultant West Sussex or in East Sussex.

Why not book yourself in for one of our marketing consultants in Sussex to review your marketing and see what you could be missing out on?

Advice from a marketing consultant in East & West Sussex:
4 ways to generate more leads to your business today!

We are on a mission to move SME businesses from marketing average to marketing great. So even if you aren’t a client of ours, we’ve created a FREE guide to 4 strategies to you can use in your business straight away to generate more quality leads!

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Our Sussex-based marketing consultancy services deliver change
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