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Local business video production

Video production is essential for
small business marketing

As a business owner, you will probably have noticed a significant shift in consumer behaviour in recent years. There has been an uplift in companies’ use of online video marketing and consumers’ consumption of digital marketing video content.

It used to be unusual, but now it is almost universally mainstream to communicate with customers. There are some pretty good reasons why local businesses are producing videos more and more now too:

  • Organic search traffic can increase by 157% – Google and customers love a video that much!
  • Those businesses that use video marketing have seen revenue grow up to 49% faster than those that have not.
  • 43% of consumers in a recent survey said they wanted more video content from businesses.

This means that if you are not using this method of communicating with your customers, you can look outdated, dull, or worse, irrelevant!

(Source: Small Business Bonfire)

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Our local business video production services

Many corporate video production services are expensive and beyond the requirements of SMEs. However, our Sussex-based video production team can produce cost-effective, professional content for you.

To ensure that the message remains central, our team has created a well-structured approach to producing professional, relevant business videos for you.

Step 1: A pre-production interview with you

This first step in local business video production is essential. Before attending a venue, switching on a camera, or turning on the lights, we stop and think. But, more importantly, we help you to think.


We will use a simple set of questions to help you confirm your video's desired business and marketing outcome. We will discuss the likely platform it will be promoted via and hosted within and its address audience. We will also look into the key messages you want to get across. Depending on the project and availability, this may involve a site visit to scout out likely shooting positions and cutaway sequences.


This stage may also involve some interviewee preparation. For example, our team can help you draft questions or brief people to be filmed on what to expect, which can prevent challenges further along and settle any nerves in advance.

Step 2: Video production

Our team will attend the location, set up the appropriate equipment, and efficiently coordinate the filming. If a testimonial video is being created, we will ask the pre-approved questions. Basically, we manage everything on the day so you don't have to!

Step 3: Post-production

Based on the initial storyboarding and briefing, our editors will now collate all the raw footage, external visuals, audio files and other components before shortlisting the footage to be used.

They will create introductory sequences, transitions and additional information items and draw these together with the footage to produce a professional-looking and feeling final video.

If requested as part of the briefing and project agreement, they can also support you in uploading, optimising, and referencing your video on landing pages, YouTube, or social media.

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9 reasons why marketing video production is good for your business

  1. It helps build brand awareness
  2. It helps establish credibility
  3. It helps customers retain more information
  4. It helps convert at a higher rate
  5. It helps boost audience engagement
  6. It helps create variety in your media
  7. It provides options for customer interaction
  8. It is great for SEO
  9. It can be used in advertising

…and lots more!

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See some of our videos for local businesses

UK Growth Coach - Video Testimonials

Our sister company uses video testimonials to provide real-world insights about the experience of working with a coach to their target audience. These are powerful messages and have helped convert more than £50,000 of sales!

Dreamy Dens - Franchise Promotion Video

Dreamy Dens is a small franchise business that wanted to raise awareness of its services and encourage enquiries.

The video we produced allowed the franchisor to showcase the product and service and to speak to prospective franchisees about the opportunity. It led to several enquiries within the first month after promotion.

Polished Kitchen Designs - Customer Video Testimonial

Polished Kitchen Designs are a local kitchen design company, providing bespoke kitchen design with a highly personal service. The customer video testimonial we produced for them captured their customer’s superb feedback on the service they received and their delight with the finished result.

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