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“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelves, write it.”
Beverley Cleary

We wrote the book on marketing strategy and
SME business strategy

Our founding Directors, Tim and Henry, have between them written three books on marketing strategy and business ownership. Their books are for business owners who want better results and need to become better business owners themselves. Alongside tried and tested marketing and business models, there are also exercises and tools for you to use in your own marketing and business.

Practical and insightful reading!

Growing by Design, 2019

This is the book for small business owners who need to get their head around marketing strategy. It provides straightforward, no-nonsense advice for anyone who wants their business marketing to actually work!

By applying the ideas in the book, business owners can become more strategic, better at executing their marketing, and more effective in their analysis of their marketing efforts.

It explores the fundamental drivers of marketing results, explains Growth by Design’s unique and comprehensive Common 10 marketing objectives model and shares several secrets for skyrocketing customer lifetime value.

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The Missing Business Instructions, 2020

Most business owners have had little formal guidance on how to run their business, and even less have had training on how to grow their business efficiently. This book aims to plug the most common knowledge gaps and to help business owners over the headaches that many entrepreneurs suffer from.

If you know you are great at what you do, but the results aren’t yet arriving or it’s taking an unbelievable amount of effort to make it happen, this book is for you.

Learn from the experiences of two real-world business owners and save yourself a long and pointless journey of trial and error.


Business Battleships, 2012

Blow your competition out of the water with marketing and sales skills that hit the target every time. Discover what goes on in the mysterious brain of your prospect and make more sales as a result.

Business Battleships is a thought-provoking read as it endeavours to challenge the more traditional approaches to marketing…The ideas generated throughout these pages are aimed at the pragmatist who is willing to test new approaches to winning business and ultimately to improve their business performance.
Peter Cullum CBE, Founder of Towergate Insurance and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Cass School of Business.

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