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Sussex Floor Restoration
There have been some fantastic business results…we’ve got a really nice steady rolling rate of inquiry…It’s almost becoming a backbone to what we need each month. It also means I can sleep at night a bit easier. It’s knowing that that’s in the background working away and I don’t have to worry about it.
Sussex Floor Restoration

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Sussex Floor Restoration provide residential and commercial wood floor restoration services across the Sussex region. The owner, Adam Bateup, approached Growth by Design with the brief of needing to generate more, and better quality, leads. By outsourcing his marketing to a dedicated SEO PPC agency Sussex, he would be freed up to focus on converting leads and the delivery of the service. 

By having the combination of more time and more leads, the goal was that this would empower the business to grow.

Over the years of working with Sussex Floor Restoration, we’ve provided an array of changing tactics and approaches depending on the changing marketplace, business focus, opportunities and where the greatest return could be generated. That has included the design, build and ongoing support of the website. Today, we primarily focus our work as an SEO PPC agency Sussex services (search engine optimisation and Google Ads).

What we did

First off we devised an SEO-content strategy. This involved a considerable amount of research that comprised:

  • Understanding of the business priorities – locations and services they wanted to focus on, and ensuring those were the most advantageous to overall business growth
  • Profiling prospective customers – the language they used, what their concerns, motivations and priorities are
  • Identifying key topics and themes around wood floor sanding, parquet and commercial wood flooring
  • Identifying questions prospective customers had, from researching the topic, through to the criteria for making purchasing decisions.


Based on all of this, an SEO-content plan was devised, that involved approximately 4 SEO optimised blogs per month being created.

The SEO strategy is coupled with the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using Google Ads. 

Using the business priorities identified, appropriate ad groups were created for each. 

Bid modifiers have been added, which means that for individuals who are searching for relevant keywords and are located in key Sussex towns e.g. Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Brighton, we are prepared to pay a little bit more to ensure we are visible to them.

Equally, we identified that users searching on their tablets were far less likely to convert into a lead than those using a mobile. Therefore, we down-weighted our bids for people searching a tablet – meaning we appeared less frequently to tablet users and were able to reallocate the budget to prospects more likely to enquire.

Additionally, we speak directly to Google who offer support and recommendations too.

As an SEO and PPC agency in Sussex, being able to provide both services to clients mean there becomes a natural synergy between the strategies of both tactics.

By using these techniques, we’ve been able to make the PPC campaign incredibly efficient and effective as you will see from the results below!

Working with an SEO PPC agency Sussex, has meant there is a co-ordinated and joined up strategy across both marketing tactics, which has paid dividends to the results!

Results & Impact for the client

SEO and PPC represent the two largest sources of leads to the business.

Sussex Floor Restoration ranks in position 1 for 45 keywords – all of these are relevant, high volume and competitive keywords. That is outstanding visibility, even if we do say so ourselves.

Top ranking positions drive traffic, and that has certainly been the case here, with an increase in organic search traffic by 450% between 2022 and 2021 (Jan – Sept).

The traffic is relevant and qualified, generating meaningful leads for the business. Over the same period as above, comparing year-on-year, unique page views of the Contact Us page have grown by a staggering 243%. This translates to over 1,600 visits to the contact page versus 483 in 2021.

The Google Ads have had a similar level of success. Since Google Ads were launched at the end of 2021, 284 leads have been generated. We’ve got the average cost per conversion to below £8.70. With an average order value of £1,750, that represents a PPC pipeline value of nearly £500k!

Just recently, the most valuable order the business has ever received has been secured through our marketing activity, which meant that the business could invest in new machinery.

Profitable and valuable leads have been generated that enable a business to invest in itself – that is marketing that delivers meaningful results from an SEO PPC agency Sussex.

As the owner, Adam Bateup says:

“Growth by Design have provided us with numerous services including a new website, SEO services and website management.

Around 80% of the leads generated come directly from the marketing they undertake for us and we’ve recently had the largest-ever order we’ve received that came in via the website. We have been over the moon with their attention to detail and quick reaction time.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Growth by Design to any business owner.”

If you need results like this in your business from your SEO PPC agency Sussex, give us a call today 01444 810530!
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