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The Common 10 SME marketing model: our unique approach to SME marketing strategy

Choosing the right approach is vital to achieving marketing success in your business

There are many factors to consider when developing the best marketing strategy for your situation specifically. That’s why the team at Growth by Design is here to make sure you get it right.

Whether you need help with a single project or want to outsource the full breadth of your marketing requirements, our team will always take the time to understand the business objectives behind the actions requested, as well as use their experience to make recommendations.

Our unique marketing model, designed just for the objectives, needs and context of SME businesses is sure to deliver you meaingful results. Learn more about it below.

We may be a marketing agency based in West Sussex, but our marketing model and approach is universal to SMEs!

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Watch this video to get a more detailed insight into the Common 10 SME marketing model

The Common 10 Marketing Objectives that most business owners have, but don’t necessarily know they have (until watching this video!) are:

  1. Improve your brand messages and presentation
  2. Maximise your findability, visibility, and reach
  3. Build your marketing database
  4. Enable immediate enquiries and nurture longer-term prospects
  5. Enhance your sales conversion rate
  6. Maximise the value of initial sales
  7. Build up the customer lifetime value
  8. Capture and present evidence of customer experience
  9. Reactivate past prospects and customers
  10. Build up and market through introducer networks and alliances

Advice is core to our service

Whilst many customers might think at the outset that all they want is someone who will just follow instructions, the reality is that if they are on the wrong path they’d rather know up-front than spend lots of money finding that out later on!

This is why our team has all been taught to (diplomatically) share the benefit of their expertise and experience with you before they start working on any tasks.

We believe that it is important that our work with you is a shared endeavour, and that we feel a sense of ownership over the results too. When we are involved in the development of the activity, we are more invested in seeing it work and we hope you’ll appreciate that care.

If you are Sussex or Brighton based, we can have these discussions face-to-face, but if you are elsewhere in the UK we can do this online instead.

Marketing services in Sussex for your business

All of our marketing services are derived from our unique strategic model. If you know what marketing support you need, find out more about what results we will deliver for you, or get in touch to talk through your needs. 

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Marketing packages

Marketing packages

Flexible and appropriate, regular marketing support including direct marketing, email, social, content and more.
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Websites & SEO

Websites & SEO

Need your website to be great-looking, easy to find and use and effective? You’ll be needing our design and maintenance skills!
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Design & Print

Design & Print

Want to build your brand reputation? We can provide logos, brochures, banners, stationary and more!
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Google Ads

Google Ads

Want to use targeted search ads to reach your prospects? Ask about our paid media creation, management and reporting services.
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Social Media & Content

Social Media & Content

Get the most out of your social networks and use your expertise and knowledge to generate and convert leads.
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Video Production

Video Production

Make use of the best communication media without the price-tag. Our team can take ideas from conception right through to production and distribution.
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Why you can be confident in our strategic recommendations

Marketing strategy is a business specialism, and all of our marketing team have the advantage of having been trained on a unique SME marketing model designed by our directors; The Common 10.

We have literally written the book on this subject (Growing by Design 2019) and have trained all team members in how to develop marketing plans based on the key points.

In the next section of this page, you’ll find a short video that goes into top-line detail on that model (do give it a watch if you’d like a slightly more detailed insight).

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Are you ready to discuss your marketing wishes with us?