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Create Amazon Storefronts to maximise your sales!

Amazon is a route to market with some big opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With 86% of the UK population shopping on Amazon, it is by far the biggest marketplace and that’s before you consider its global potential! It may be your only route to market, or it could sit alongside your own website.

But it is also a crowded marketplace, with an estimated 281k sellers in the UK alone!

Great potential but you’ve got some serious marketing to do to stand out, be found and, make a sale. 

That is where professionally designed and created Amazon Storefronts and optimising your product listings will make all the difference to your sales!

Enquire how you can improve your Amazon sales with our Amazon Storefront design services

Benefits of having an Amazon Storefront and branded store

Why you should invest your time and money in Amazon Storefronts…

Branding and authenticity

Creates a sense of differentiation and identity for you in a crowded marketplace – literally!

Professionalism and credibility

Demonstrates your services and value proposition especially to new prospective customers

Control of your brand experience

Amazon Storefronts mean you control your own business presence within their platform

Findable on Amazon

Makes it easier for customers to find you on Amazon

Showcase your products

You can choose your best introductory products for new customers, or the highest margins or new products you want to promote

Great shopping experience

Provides an easy to navigate experience for prospective customers, especially on mobile

Increases sales

Which is what you care about the most!

Landing page

You can direct prospective customers to your Amazon Storefront without fear of them finding a competitor alongside you!

Optimising your product listings

Any professional selling plan for Amazon needs to include optimising your product listings. Just like with Google, Amazon is a big search engine and you need your products to be found!

But the algorithm Amazon uses is even more secretive than that of Google! Plus it adapts its results to the customers patterns of behaviour based on previous searches and purchases.

That means optimising everything from your product title, product description, key product features, images, reviews and ratings, keywords and much more. 

There are lots of guides available but is it the best use of your time? It is technical and requires expertise, when you could be better spending your time elsewhere in your business!  

Get peace of mind, your time back and expert results by getting the experts at Growth by Design to do it for you!

Amazon Storefront design services that delivers sales!

Want to know why working with us on your Amazon storefronts will boost your sales? This is what we’ll do for you!

CellarHead Amazon Storefronts and product listing optimisation
  • Use and create professional artwork and photographs
  • Determine the brand and visual identity of your store
  • Establish the technical setup of your Amazon Store
  • Link up your products to your Amazon shop
  • Upload and setup videos
  • Ensure your visual appearance and customer experience makes you standout from the competition
  • Ensure all of the technical connectivity is in place (products, reviews, messaging etc).

Exactly, what is an Amazon Storefront?

An Amazon Storefront, is a page on Amazon Marketplace which you control. It is your branded space, to represent and promote your brand, business and products as you wish.

You create the experience you want for your customers, highlighting the products you want, using whatever imagery you choose. 

It should link to your products directly, so that the content is all shoppable and can be easily purchased.

Your Amazon store is a hub for customers to not only explore and purchase your products from, but they will also look at your reviews, determine whether you are a trustworthy business they want to purchase from!

Getting it right really determines the success of your business on Amazon!

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