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Video marketing for businesses

Video marketing for small local
businesses is here!

With the proliferation of video content in marketing across all platforms – social, email and websites – it’s time small and medium-sized businesses started to pay attention too.

  • Websites that include video are 53 times more likely to appear on page 1 of Google. The use of video heavily influences search engines! (Source: 
  • In 2020, 92% of professional marketers said video is essential for their strategy. (Source: Statista)
  • People will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos by 2021. (Source: Statista)
  • 80% of customers can recall a video they watched in the past month (Source: Hubspot).

Looking for a video marketing agency in Sussex?

Why use a video marketing agency to create video marketing for business?

The video quality on phones is outstanding, but it’s still not at a professional standard – expertise and skills matter. You wouldn’t trust an amateur dentist to do your teeth, and the same applies to video production services.

A clunky video will not persuade a potential customer you are a professional business, who pays attention to detail!

Here’s what a video marketing agency can do for you:

  • Video marketing strategy: understanding and defining the goals, approach, intended outcomes and how/where the video will be used at the start makes all the difference as to whether video delivers or not!

  • Small business marketing video production: planning, scripting and producing is a honed talent. Your video needs to be appropriate to the platform the video will be used on (length, format, messages, for example) and tailored to your audience.

  • Editing: very few people can do a video in one shot! Rather than a phone editor using presets, experts can make it smooth and leave a good impression of your business with the viewer.

  • Tricks of the trade: for example, you have around 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention, so what is put at the beginning of the video matters. There is a lot of behavioural science and psychology behind this, and knowing this is the difference between average and great business results!

Video marketing services on their own or part of a campaign

We can produce a video as a one-off project or as part of a more comprehensive marketing programme, where it’s then used across social media such as Facebook and TikTok in targeted emails and/or on your website.

We offer a choice of video marketing for businesses

We offer three types of services:


Video production

Video production

Use our in-house experts and equipment to produce a video
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Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Capture positive customer experiences and build confidence with your prospects to help increase sales conversions.
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Brochure video

Brochure video

Breathe some life into your company brochure and show the human side of your business.
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Needing some inspiration? Have a look at some of the videos Growth by Design has produced

UK Growth Coach - Video Testimonials

Our sister company uses video testimonials to provide real-world insights about the experience of working with a coach to their target audience. These are powerful messages and have helped convert more than £50,000 of sales!

Dreamy Dens - Franchise Promotion Video

Dreamy Dens is a small franchise business that wanted to raise awareness of its services and encourage enquiries. The video we produced allowed the franchisor to showcase the product and service and to speak to prospective franchisees about the opportunity. It led to several enquiries within the first month after promotion.

Polished Kitchen Designs - Customer Video Testimonial

Polished Kitchen Designs are a local kitchen design company, providing bespoke kitchen design with a highly personal service. The customer video testimonial we produced for them captured their customer’s superb feedback on the service they received and their delight with the finished result.

Find out how Growth by Design’s video services can give your marketing a boost