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Sussex Facilities Management – marketing services in Sussex

Sussex Facilities Management
We have a really good strategy, and have seen an increase in both web traffic and people contacting us. Some of our largest and loveliest clients have come through the website, so we are really pleased with how this has worked for our business.
Sussex Facilities Management

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Owners of a growing and thriving business understand that they need a regular, consistent and proactive programme of marketing in place, but they also don’t have the time (and often the expertise) to give it the dedication it requires. 

This is why Sussex Facilities Management (SFM) sought our marketing services in Sussex to alleviate this challenge, while also ensuring great marketing results!

SFM had two objectives with their marketing: brand awareness and lead generation. By getting a deep understanding of their business and the needs of their target audience (Facilities Managers and Operation Directors), together we created a programme of marketing services to meet these two objectives.

Offering everything from PAT testing, through to building management, compliance, air conditioning, and more, SFM’s Directors wanted to still direct, lead and be integrally involved in the marketing but without the responsibility for delivery and to supplement their knowledge with that of marketing experts, in order to achieve their business growth ambitions.

Growth by Design’s marketing services in Sussex met the bill!

What we did

We undertook a comprehensive programme of marketing for SFM to build brand awareness and then created multiple marketing touchpoints to nurture awareness into engagement, and then generate leads.

  • Social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – focused on the team’s daily activities/work, as well as news, and ideas to help clients/prospects and the business’ values.
  • Content planning – based on target keywords relevant to their target audiences, which was then used as the foundation for the blog content and email marketing.
  • SEO-led blogs – to ensure visibility in Google, especially as there is a lot of competition from both large corporates and smaller firms.
  • LinkedIn connections – building connections and relationships.
  • Sales Navigator – a fairly new activity but this will allow for more connection building, as well as deepening relationships with prospective customers.
  • Google Ads – another fairly new activity, to provide search visibility around keyword areas while the organic visibility increases.
  • Email marketing – keeping in touch with their database and giving them ideas and food for thought about their own facilities management.
  • New website – the previous website had become outdated technologically and was no longer presenting the brand and the business’ values well. So at the beginning of 2023, a new technically sound and beautifully designed website was launched (which in turn supported the search engine marketing strategy).
  • Website maintenance – to keep on top of technical updates and changes, as well as content amendments. 


One of the key threads throughout all of our activity is SFM’s brand values of being personable, building a partnership with their clients, and having human relationships. Very often in facilities management, providers can be fairly anonymous, or bland, whereas, with SFM, we focus on their personality and the human side to their team and work.

For example, in the social posts we use real photos taken from on-site visits. They are unfiltered and reflect the reality of facilities management in order to resonate best with the target audience. Our marketing services in Sussex therefore reflect the reality of facilities management in Sussex too!

Results & Impact for the client

The result of the sustained marketing services in Sussex is a continually growing business for SFM. They are also in the process of hiring new team members and developing the management team – all signs of a confident and thriving business.

Brand awareness has certainly increased with social media reach having increased year on year, 40% on Facebook and 164% on Instagram.

There are 23 high-volume keywords on the first page of Google, including key terms such as facilities management company (which is in position 2). So when someone is searching for building or facilities support, SFM is there!

The more personal angle to the marketing, has led to an increase in social media and email engagement. The newly designed email has led to an increase in the open rate to 37%, giving them more of a chance to engage with their database and generate leads.

Are you looking for marketing services in Sussex? Find out more about our tailored services and approach.

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