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Palmers Accounting

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The Brief

Palmers Accounting work with growth-focused businesses to help them make the best business decisions they can for the future and to achieve their ambitions. They certainly found a meeting of minds with Growth by Design!

They found themselves in a position of needing a wordpress web design company to help realise their own ambitions online.

They had an existing website but it was not delivering meaningful business results for them. Additionally they wanted to make changes to it in order to better reflect who they were, the types of clients they wanted to work with and properly differentiate themselves from competitors, which was going to be difficult to do with their existing platform.

They had worked with a branding company and also had advice from a website design company but they could see that by working with a sole-focused web designer important elements of the integration with the rest of their marketing and branding could be missed. 

They wanted to work with an agency that could bring the branding, website and marketing together. Therefore they started the search for a WordPress web design company that had a good understanding of marketing, not just web design. Of course, that plays to our strengths at Growth by Design.

The brief was challenging because this wasn’t just a new website, there were elements of the existing one that needed to be kept – such as the few positive search result rankings they did not want lost during the migration, and some of the functionality needed to be kept to. As an experienced WordPress web design company though, we knew we could take up the challenge.

What we did

As with all of our projects, being a professional WordPress web design company, we started with a website onboarding session with Palmers and our Senior Web Developer. This is an essential part of the process for us as it establishes absolute clarity between each party as to what is needed, why it is important, the required impact / results and how we get there. Decisions can be made jointly based on mutual understanding and perspectives.

There was a slight refinement to the logo following the onboarding session to ensure it worked seamlessly online. It is a critical part of our own logo design process to test it in different environments, so we made some small adjustments to the existing branding to allow for this. 

We built a new WordPress website for them that gave room to showcase each of their accounting services. 

We work with WordPress because it is a highly effective business-oriented platform that is incredibly cost-effective for SMEs. There are so many templates, plugins and functionality options that allow for every requirement, scale of business, and investment level. It is kept up to date technically which gives it long-term viability for SMEs to invest in while being search and mobile-friendly. 

Palmers have an amazing service called the Virtual Financial Director (VFD) that needed to become much more prominent and clear on the new website, and it was great to be able to design and build this new section for them.

As an experienced WordPress web design company, we developed their site on a staging server which meant that the Palmers team were able to follow the progression of the project in real-time, right up to the point of pre-launch testing.

We met regularly during the project to provide updates on progress and gain feedback from Palmers to ensure that the final solution met the brief exactly.

Results & Impact for the client

Palmers are delighted with their new eye-catching website that has a strong brand identity. They feel it better represents them, their values and the types of businesses they want to be working with. Since the site went live it has received a steady volume of traffic, primarily from new users too. 

Recognising that the launch of the website is just the first step in their business’ growth, Palmers are continuing to invest in the online marketing, primarily through search engine optimisation, to make the most of their investment in the website. Within just a couple of months, the website is ranking for high-volume keywords in key positions and continuing to improve at the time of writing this case study! 

For example, the site now ranks for ‘local accountant’ and ‘virtual financial director’. We’ll be using tactics to move these from page 2 and 3 visibility and on to page 1. The website did the job of getting Palmers ranked in good positions to start with, and the ongoing marketing efforts will move them into traffic driving positions on page 1!

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