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The Broker Network

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The Brief

The Broker Network was founded by two independent advisors, who having worked for a multitude of banks, appointed representatives and others over the years, decided to take all of the best bits of these experiences, use the latest technology and improve processes to create the bigger and better The Broker Network.

The business had got to a stage where the founders wanted a website to attract inbound enquiries from potential mortgage brokers, so they started looking for a website design and development company. 

They had a very clear idea on their target audience and the type of people they wanted in their broker network, but lacked the tools and knowledge in how to attract and engage these prospects.

They also had ideas for a framework for the site and the content needed, but were not sure how to piece it together to make it compelling, persuasive and technically sound.

Therefore, they were seeking a professional website design and development company that could design and build a website that would:

  • Make their vision for the website a reality
  • Effectively target and reach their ideal audience
  • Generate inbound leads from their ideal prospects
  • Be easy for the client to manage themselves ongoing.


There wasn’t a logo for the business either. There were some basic ideas but nothing professional to put their mark on the website and any subsequent marketing. 

The team at The Broker Network recognised the logo was an important but missing piece of the puzzle, as it would portray them in the right way to potential brokers and pull their brand and messaging together in a competitive marketplace. Therefore logo design was also included in the brief.

A website design and development company that also had graphic designers who can deliver you a great logo is not commonplace! But with Growth by Design, they found they could solve two problems in one go!

What we did

We started with the logo design in order to give us the visual language and style the website then needed to follow. After agreeing a colour pallet with the client, we went through our quick and effective SME logo design process:

  1. Thorough business briefing to understand the audience personas we needed the logo to be targeting and the business’ goals. From there we drew up some initial scamp versions of a logo.
  2. We then selected the three strongest routes, and formerly worked these up into logo concepts including how they would look when applied to real marketing materials.
  3. The Broker Network then selected their preferred logo design, and we created the final usable assets for them to use straight away.


Then it was on to the main services we deliver as a website design and development company! 

We worked very closely with the client team on this project. Starting with a thorough onboarding session with our Senior Web Developer to get under the skin of the business, the requirements and discuss options, challenges and ideas.

There were two really important parts of the website we needed to focus on: the proposition statement and the FAQs.

The visual layout and functionality of the proposition statement needed to reflect the brand and ensure it aligned with the target audience, so branding as well as how to display the key messages was a vital consideration.

Additionally, on the FAQs, different brokers were going to be asking very different questions as well as formal requirements to display certain information about the Network.

Rather than presenting everything in one go to everyone, and therefore putting some prospective brokers off, we developed an FAQs section. This way the content was adaptable to reflect the different types of prospects visiting the website, as well as providing the functionality to make the FAQs work.

As an experienced website design and development company, we choose to develop the website on a staging server. This meant that the client was able to follow its progress in real-time and provide timely and efficient feedback. Our Web Developer also met with the client regularly to discuss progress, problem-solve and receive feedback. This meant the whole website was created in a collaborative and iterative way, which made it very efficient to deliver. 

The navigation and user experience has been kept simple and straightforward for prospects, again this is to allow for people with varying levels of technical-know how and confidence to be able to engage with the website design. 

Finally, the client team has been trained on how to use and maintain the website so that they can have complete ownership of it moving forward rather than being beholden to an agency or individual to make simple updates for them.

By choosing to work with website design and development company, Growth by Design, not only was the client able to tap into the graphic design services, but also the skills to be able to effectively be trained on the site as well.

Results & Impact for the client

Firstly, the client is thrilled with having chosen to work with the website design and development company, Growth by Design. They have remarked that the website design and development has gone a long way to realising their business dreams but in addition, they are starting to see relevant traffic and enquiries from the website.

It is an easy-to-use, eye-catching website with a strong brand identity to help them stand out against the competition.

The site has only just gone live so more details on results will follow soon!

Need a website design and development company to attract inbound leads from your ideal clients? Give us a call and we can help you! 01444 810530.

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