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Ouse Valley Paving
We love our logo. It makes us stand out from all our competition and we get great feedback. I trusted Growth by Design completely with our logo. The process was very quick and very simple. We just had a huge smile on our face as soon as we saw the one we wanted.
Ouse Valley Paving

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

The family behind the business of Ouse Valley Paving sought a logo design company that understood smaller businesses.

They recognised that their logo did not represent them as people nor as a business. It was outdated, did not reflect the craftsmanship of their work or their vision for the future.

As experts in block paving for driveways, patios, and paths their skills, craftsmanship, professionalism, and heritage were the key elements they wanted their logo and brand to demonstrate to the market. Despite this, they did not have a clear view on what their final logo should look like, which gave our West Sussex-based logo design company team the creative freedom to really consider their business.

What we did

You might expect a logo design company tto create a single logo design and lock-up, but we know from first-hand experience ourselves, a logo is used it a multitude of ways and places and it must work across them all. We do our logo design a little bit differently at Growth by Design!

To start with, we create a range of possible ideas. These are loose ideas from the team – sometimes drawn by hands, other times using software. We end up with between 20 – 30 ideas. From those, the team agree on the three strongest.

Those three are then worked up into a logo, colour variations and how it might appear on a business card. It’s amazing how different your logo looks when shrunk down to fit onto a small business card! Critically, we want the logo shown in situ and context. It’s from those three designs, the final logo is selected and presented.

The final one in the case of Ouse Valley Paving is clean, modern but hints are traditional craftsmanship – giving it the feel that the family could have been doing this a 100 years but are still stylish and relevant today.

A key benefit from using Growth by Design was that as a marketing agency in West Sussex, there was a team of professionals who could feed into the process to ensure the logo would work effectively across all future marketing activity – print or online.


Results & Impact for the client

The new logo has given the business a new, more confident, and accurate representation of itself to go out to market with.

It’s been used across their website, brochures, and vehicle livery among other marketing collateral. They now have a face of the business they are truly proud of, and that makes a world of difference to the approach to and results from their marketing!

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