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Rampion 2 Wind Farm
I think the team at Growth by Design is the greatest asset….They have gone out of their way, even at a senior level, to respond and we’re very grateful to them for that. The success is obvious because we’re getting a lot of interest and a lot of feedback from the communities.
Rampion 2 Wind Farm

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Rampion 2 is the proposed second phase of the offshore Wind Farm off the Sussex Coast around Brighton, and the underland, onshore cable route. This is a major infrastructure project to bring more sustainable energy to potentially over 1 million homes, a year. The team were looking for a website development agency to support them with their consultation website’s design and build.

They sought a marketing agency who worked in Brighton, Sussex and the surrounding area to support this. After a tender process, Growth by Design were commissioned as their website development agency for the consultation and public information website for Rampion 2.

There were two key objectives they needed their website development agency to fulfill:

  1. To educate and inform the general public about the project, benefits, and plans
  2. To facilitate the consultation and gather public feedback on the project.

There were a number of specific requirements, such as:

  • being able to handle a large volume of visitors to the website without compromising speed or access to the site 
  • hosting a lot of video content
  • converting maps and plans from CAD technical drawings to make them suitable for web and print.

A key element of the brief was the audience for the website. It needed to be accessible, inclusive, and easy to use but allow for detailed information to also be accessed and easily understood where needed. 

As the website would be for the general public, it needed to work for those with little experience or confidence with digital as well as for those who are confident and looking for the detail of the proposals.

All of this was in the context of strict timelines to meet wider consultation and project timescales, and working with multiple stakeholders and third-party organisations.

What we did

It all started with a successful win through a tender procurement process where we had to demonstrate and display our abilities against other Brighton and Sussex website development agencies, to be able to meet the demanding requirements of the brief.

Once we were successful, our project management skills and ability to educate and support stakeholders through the website design and development process, came to the fore. 

We managed multiple stakeholders, some of whom are not based in the UK, and third-party organisations such as those who are managing the consultation feedback.

With a complex project like this with many ‘moving parts’ it was vital to manage expectations and timelines so the ultimate consultation timescale wouldn’t be affected.

The website development agency process started with the user, understanding their needs, priorities, abilities with digital technology, and what they would want from the site. The whole of our website design and development process was based around the audience for the website so that accessibility and inclusivity were front and centre throughout.

There were also a lot of technical requirements that we developed in order to fulfill both the audience’s objectives and be able to present the information and consultation in the best way:

  • Video content – there is a lot of rich media on the site, which means we needed to ensure page load speeds were fast
  • Robust hosting – knowing there would be a high volume of visitors to the site over a short period of time, we put steps in place for a robust hosting package to be able to handle the volume and maintain the user experience and access to the site
  • Graphic design input – there are a huge number of maps and onshore cabling design plans which needed to be converted from technical specification drawings into understandable designs that would work on the web and print. With the use of our in-house graphic designer, we were able to do all of this in addition to the website design and development work.

Results & Impact for the client

The Rampion 2 project team have been delighted with the final website, and are pleased with their selection of website development agency to partner with them on this project. They were confident in and reassured by having a website development agency that could manage the complexity, get things done on time and on budget, and support them in additional areas such as graphic design elements and print materials.

It was a key benefit to the Rampion 2 team to be working with a web design agency, near Brighton, that also has in-house graphic designers and a full-service marketing team on hand.

We’ve given them peace of mind during an intense consultation preparation and launch period, that we’ve had the manpower and technical knowledge to make all of their requirements in to a reality.

The public has been directed to the website by a number of high-profile and influential people/organisations including MP Caroline Lucas.

As an important project for Brighton, Sussex and the UK, the feedback from the site as well as the consultation have been vitally important. The feedback on the site has been that it is very easy to find the information you are looking for, it is easy to use regardless of digital ability and inclusive.

Due to our approach to the management and organisation of the project as an established website development agency, we’ve used the Rampion 2 team’s time efficiently and effectively to get the job done!

If you are looking for a full-service website development agency for your business, talk to us and explore how we can help your organisation today!
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