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Seico Insurance & Mortgages
He’s actually created another income stream for us which I hadn’t considered at the time.
Seico Insurance & Mortgages

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The Brief

The Seico Group needed a professional website design and build in order to promote their wide range of insurance and mortgage products. They also needed the website to be white-labelled to allow other businesses to offer their services.

Seico Group is a mortgage and insurance company based in Hove, providing a wide range of different insurance products and the whole of market mortgage solutions. They also have a second business, the Starr Trust, a children’s charity.

However, they have approximately 30 insurance products, and different partners require a bespoke selection of products that would differ from those displayed on the primary website. The additional challenge is that insurance and mortgage marketing is constantly changing, so a product offered today could easily be altered or even completely replaced at short notice.

What we did

We initially created a professional website design and built a fully managed, responsive website for Seico to promote their insurance and mortgage products. The website we delivered is straightforward for people to use, fast for finding the right product that most suitably fits their requirements, and easy to get an instant online quote for an insurance product or mortgage.

Once the leading site was in place, we moved on to the next phase, which was to add the development to the website to enable it to be white labelled for their alliance partners. Our team developed this stage to allow each partner to choose a range of insurance or mortgage products specifically relevant to the needs of their customers. This solution meant that every version of the white-labelled website could be completely different.

Each professional website design is fully branded to the relevant company, and the entire process can be done within a matter of hours for each partner. In addition, every day, new mortgage data for the whole market is automatically updated via a data feed, which means that Seico Group and all of their partners have constantly updated and accurate information without them having to make any changes to the website.

Results & Impact for the client

The result that the Seico Group experienced was a highly complex website made straightforward for them and their customers to use. Furthermore, with the solution of white labelling, the website created an entirely new revenue stream for them. The companies that have used their white-label service have included GoCompare, Uswitch, Utility Warehouse, and many more!

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