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Marketing support for small businesses to grow

Some businesses we meet don’t feel the need to undertake marketing or invest in external marketing support for small businesses. They have enough work to keep them and their other employee or two busy without too much downtime in between. Well done, and keep going. 

But what if you want to grow your business to 4, 10 or even 25 employees? 

What if actually the downtime between the busy periods are stressful, hard-work and a worry? What if you want to exit the business; retire, sell or hand it over to someone else? 

Keeping to the status quo isn’t enough…

A sustained marketing effort is the answer. Although it might feel like a cost, it should be an investment in the success and growth of your business. If your marketing costs aren’t covered by the additional revenue, it’s being done wrong and you should be looking at another way of delivering your marketing. You can be as brutal as that when assessing the impact of your marketing and deciding what to do next with it. 

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So take my hand, together we can rock ‘n’ roll through why marketing support for small businesses are an investment for SMEs and not a cost hindering your bottom line or cash flow. (Sorry, I had to quote Status Quo even if it does show my age!)

Marketing support for small businesses: Have a clear plan

The downfall of many actions in business and life, is the lack of a clear plan. This is why motivational coaches often talk about clearly visualising what success looks like. If you are clearer on what you are aiming for, it becomes a lot easier to get there. 

What can be worse than an unclear plan, however, is an ever changing plan. You need to realise that not all strategies will deliver instant results, but many will if you give them time. A good example of this is SEO, where it takes time for the effects to be seen and enjoyed.

Knowing what your goals are, being clear on what you want to achieve and how you are going to measure progress within your marketing strategy matters. Given sufficient time, marketing performance becomes pretty black and white as to whether it’s delivering or not.

Marketing support for small businesses: Extra hands

I doubt you started your business to take on the marketing role above the trade, specialism or service you’ve been trained in. It’s another role on top of everything else you need to be doing as the business owner.

Initially out-sourcing your marketing limits your risk – rather than forking out on the cost of recruitment and onboarding/training a new member of staff. It also enables you scale your marketing activities to match your operational capacity (no point bringing in a lot of leads you don’t have the capacity to follow up on or deliver).

Out-sourcing your marketing support for small businesses effectively buys you time to establish what works best, and therefore where to focus your future resources.

Marketing support for small businesses: Expert brains

If you still want to save the cost of external marketing services, and try doing it yourself rather than recruit someone, just think – how much do you know about marketing? Do you have time to undertake training? You could figure out the right marketing package and how to deliver it best given time, but can your business afford that time? 

Like any industry, marketing changes frequently. What would be your solution to iOs privacy change affecting tracking of Facebook marketing? What about the changes to the cookies that online advertising has relied on all these years? Do you know how consumer behaviour has changed since Covid?

Investing in some expert brains to build your knowledge and confidence in the short-term is shortly better for your business results?

Investing in marketing support for small businesses is a defining moment of change

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The reality is that there aren’t really any truly magical, quick and temporary fixes to solve the longer term challenges of generating consistent high quality leads, achieving a strong conversion rate, maximum sales levels, and the highest levels of lifetime value, referrals and introductions. 

Getting and keeping your marketing fit, takes time and regular effort and sustained periods of inactivity or laziness have significant business consequences. Investing in marketing services is a catalyst for change in a business, if brought right!

That’s why marketing support should be viewed, purchased and managed as a business investment, not a cost. If you’d like to talk through your needs with a marketing agency, situated near Haywards Heath, get in touch.

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