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HomeSmiths Interior Design
They understand the brief very quickly as well as adding other ideas and suggestions we wouldn’t have thought of.
HomeSmiths Interior Design

Our marketing support packages don’t just deliver to the brief, they deliver beyond the brief

The Brief

Homesmiths are an interior design company working with homeowners, showhouses and the care home market. Therefore, they needed a business website design that would appeal to all three of the different sectors in which they work.

The service they provide is very creative, and their completed projects needed to be showcased on their website to evidence the finished results they provide. Design and creativity are at the heart of the business for Homesmiths, and they wanted to work with a web design company that would understand their flair for creativity and share it.

What we did

Our team worked closely with the creative team at Homesmiths to design a website that established a high perceived value to everything they do. The business website’s design is fully responsive and works on every device from desktop and laptop to tablet and phone.

The extensive range of projects displayed on the website is easily filtered by category so that users of the website can find what they want quickly. Once the website was completed and launched, we then trained the in-house team at Homesmiths to empower them to maintain and manage the website themselves, and they now add all new projects without needing any support.

Results & Impact for the client

The Homesmiths business website design represents what they do and what they stand for. Visitors to the website can quickly find information relevant to their sector and examples of the type of finished result they can expect as a client.

In addition, the ability for Homesmiths to make changes to the website themselves means they can react quickly to changes within their business and their service offering, along with the ease of uploading and sharing each project as it becomes completed.

If you want business website design services that delivers meaningful business results, just give us a call to discuss today on 01444 810530.
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