Email Marketing for Small Business

Make email marketing pay off for your company!

Every day 4 billion users receive emails. Yes, that’s right… 4 BILLION!

This means emails are one of the more prolific and commonly used marketing tools, but it can be all too easy to become too complacent about them. When that happens it can mean that mistakes are made, and the result can be fewer sales and lost customers!

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Is your small business email marketing delivering for you or just frustrating you?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Poor or lower than desired open rates
  • Generic messages and sales pitches not tailored to the customers
  • Poor design which disengages customers
  • High unsubscribe rates
  • Long periods of time between communications.

When 4 out or 5 marketers surveyed say they would rather give up social media than email marketing, you know you are missing out on something big!

(Source: HubSpot)

engaging people leading to performance improvement

How can an email marketing agency can help you?

Devising email marketing campaigns

As it’s likely you already have a lot on your plate, we love taking the job of strategy and planning and making it less time-consuming for you.

Establishing your customer personas, identifying the different journeys they go on before making a purchase, and establishing what can be done after the first sale has been made is all great fun for us!

Producing email marketing campaigns

Whether you want a designed email marketing campaign to implement yourself, or you would prefer we provide an extra pair of hands to take care of all the elements, we can help!

Our team can design and content creation (text, imagery or video), manage distribution and produce performance tracking reports.

We are a team of experts, not a jack of all trades

There are many different skills required to create email campaigns that deliver real business results. Working with Growth by Design means you gain access to a whole team  of designers, content creators and technicians.

Our team has worked with a variety of email marketing tools and platforms, and can offer great advice if this area is new to you.

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What can good email marketing achieve for
your small businesses?

When email marketing is well planned and executed, the difference to your business should be massive.

The main benefits include:

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If you need support with email marketing in Sussex, call us today.